Village Vision

January 2013

Westwood Village was once the central hub of the Westwood Community. Opened in 1929, it was developed by the Janss Investment Company as a vibrant shopping district with planned mix of retail use, distinct architectural character, and a strong identity. The model of Westwood village is considered to be one of "smart" urbanism, however, over the years the Village has experienced continual decline with rising vacancy rates and a loss of identity.

With the imminent arrival of the subway, the new mayor of Los Angeles in 2013, and current economic slow-down, this is an important time to examine the historical accounts of the village and determine current solutions for the revitalization of this area. Westwood Village vision is a cityLAB research initiative that investigates the highly complex urban and political forces contributing to the current state of Westwood Village culminating with specific recommendations to revitalize Westwood Village as an attractive, economically vibrant, and sustainable area.

This study takes place during an important time for three key reasons: first, the arrival of the subway with the decade; second, a new mayor for Los Angeles takes office in early 2013; and third, the opportunity to plan thoughtfully given the economic slow down, particularly in the real estate market. this yearlong project will be concluded in time for Westwood to benefit from these long-term changes, leveraging them in ways that will enhance Westwood Village's revitalization.

cityLAB is investigating these forces, their interaction, and their varying degrees of influence in order to make specific recommendations about ways to revitalize Westwood village so that it becomes more attractive, economically vibrant, and sustainable. The recommendations will involve a multifaceted analysis that is urban, economic, environmental, historical, design-oriented, and policy-oriented.

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cityLAB Westwood Village Vision from Harrison Higgins on Vimeo.

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